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Break Up Signs   


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Perhaps you and your loved one have been together for quite awhile. You’ve grown to love each other and then the unexpected happens, you break up. It hurts, but sometimes breaking up is unavoidable. 


Prior to your breakup, there were probably many signs that your relationship was ending that either you missed or chose to ignore. Hopefully, there will not be a next time, but for future reference keep the following relationship break up signs in mind, so that at least you’re not caught in the dark when the end of your relationship is eminent  



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Not Interested in Spending Time with You


Are you accustomed to seeing your boyfriend/girlfriend every other night and perhaps on weekends as well? If all of a sudden your significant other stops spending time with you, and it’s not related to work issues or other valid reasons, then you should be a little wary that this is a possible break up sign. You should be especially worried if your loved one deliberately misses dates that are important to you such as birthdays or special events like anniversaries.  


Downplays Your Relationship 


This may seem like an obvious break up sign, but many people miss this clue. If he went from referring to you as his future wife to his lady friend, then you may have a problem. 


If she suddenly insists that your relationship isn’t all that serious when a month ago she was dropping hints of wanting to be engaged, then you may have an issue on hand. Verbally downplaying your bond is a way to not only tell you that s/he wants out, but also helps them reinforce the belief that the relationship isn’t all that important to him/her either. 


Change of Attitude 


This scenario can cover a wide variety of occurrences. The classic occurrence is getting angry or frustrated with the other person in the relationship for no reason. 


So if all of a sudden your significant other seems crankier, dissatisfied, and just overall unhappy to be around you, it may be a sign that he or she wants out, but instead of voicing his/her feelings, your significant other may act out, instead, to push you away. So if you find yourself arguing all the time or constantly being criticized for nothing, it may be a distinct break up sign that he or she is ready for someone new.  


Cold Shoulder 


Sometimes instead of acting out, your significant other may give you the cold shoulder: refusing to talk to you or acknowledge you. He or she may even attempt to avoid you. If this is the case, then it’s definitely a sign that he or she is ready to walk out. 


Being constantly compared to someone else 


If your significant other suddenly starts to compare you to someone else, in terms of pointing out all your shortcomings, then you may need to prepare yourself for an impending breakup. It’s his or her way of expressing dissatisfaction with you or the relationship in an indirect manner.  




If your significant other starts to keep things from you, especially things that seem insignificant it may be a sign of a breakup waiting to happen. Even if the secrets are regarding harmless things, it may be a sign that your partner is attempting to exclude you from his/her life instead of including you in it. And of course, secrets can also be a sign of infidelity.   


Overall, if any of these scenarios show up in your relationship, attempt to talk to your significant other to find out what is going on, before the relationship falls apart. And if they do want to leave, let them go, because as the old saying goes, there are many fish in the sea. 


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