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Getting Christian Help for Troubled Marriage - Are You at the Breaking Point?

 save your christian marriageBy the time most couples finally seek christian help for troubled marriage their relationship is right at the breaking point where one or more person can no longer stand to live in the home with the other, or it is well past that point and barely hanging on by a thread. If you fear that your marriage is headed in this direction, it is important to start taking immediate action to seek help.

So, how do you know when your marriage is so bad off that you need to seek out christian help for troubled marriage? Some of the most common signs of a marriage that is drifting apart include:

* You feel a distance between you and your spouse that seems insurmountable.

* You feel lonely all the time, even when you are home with your spouse.

* You feel you are not listened to when you speak.

* You are no longer having sexual intimacy.

* You are no longer spending time together as a couple.

* You rarely speak to one another or there are other signs of communication breakdown.

All of these signs can be feeling which are mutual where your marriage could be in trouble. It is important to show this list to your spouse and ask them to honestly point out any of those things (or things that come to their mind after reading) that are currently bothering them about your relationship.

Do this without becoming defensive and angry. It's time to just face where your relationship is and determine whether it is time to reach out for christian help for troubled marriage. If you or your spouse feels the relationship is struggling, then it is in your best interest to seek help right away.

You certainly don't want to get to the point that someone reaches that breaking point and walks out the door before you have a chance to seek help.

If you think you may be ready to ask for christian help for troubled marriage, you do have one very powerful thing on your side: your mutual love for God. Christianity is strong enough to completely bond and strengthen a relationship, no matter what the root issues that are tearing you apart may be.

If you draw upon the strength and power of your faith, you will be reminded of all that you have in common and all the reasons you truly love one another. You will be reminded of all the reasons God placed you together to begin with!

Remember, divorce doesn't have to be the answer to marital problems. There is highly effective christian help for troubled marriage out there if you just come together, admit the problems, and face the solutions together.

So, how do you go about finding christian help for troubled marriage? You can start by opening up to your pastor or someone else in authority or a counseling position at your church. If they cannot personally provide help they will likely be able to refer you to someone.

While the problems that come between married Christians are for the most part the same as those that come between married non-Christians, it is to your benefit to have someone who shares your faith provide the counseling sessions you attend. They will know how to utilize your faith as a powerful bonding agent to restore the love in your marriage.

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