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Christian Marriage Advice to Overcome Tough Times

save your christian marriage - click hereThe Bible is certainly the most authentic source of Christian marriage advice for couples. In fact, it would be very apt to say that the Bible has ultimate answers for all the questions and problems faced by Christian couples in the contemporary world. Sexual relationships, passion, lust, intimacy, you name it and you have answers for it in the holy Bible.

Provided below is some basic Christian marriage advice which has the potential to take your marriage and relationship to the next level:

Devote yourself and your marriage to God

The majority of Christian marriages are only name sake. While one or both the partner claims to be Christians, they actually do not follow Jesus. Dedicating your family and marriage to God is the first major step towards a healthy relationship and marriage.

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Entrust your life to God

Commit yourself and your life to God like never before. It is good to understand and realize that everything in this world is controlled by God. He has the keys to your happiness and sorrows and hence it is best to accept his supremacy.

Pray with your Spouse

Praying together will not only fill you with Holy Spirit, but will also take your marital relationship beyond the realms of physical intimacy. Praying together will facilitate an emotional and spiritual bond between you and your spouse. In addition to that, praying together also helps you develop a special bond with God.

Even Christian Marriages are made of Flesh and Blood

The Sooner you get rid of the conception that all Christian marriages are perfect the better it is for the sake of your marriage and family. Mistakes and errors are bound to occur in any marriage, and Christian marriages are no exception. One must work towards a healthy and satisfying marriage and relationship, and your efforts should be in sync with the Christian marriage advice in the Bible.

Take a Proactive Approach

If your marriage and relationship is going through a rough patch, then it is best to take a proactive approach to minimize the damage. The best Christian marriage advice that anyone can give you is to discuss your issues and problems to find feasible solutions for them. While it is a good idea to be honest, it helps a great deal to convey the criticism in a constructive manner.

Love Unconditionally

Unconditional love is not a very common phenomenon, but every couple should try to inculcate it in their relationship, for heavenly marital bliss is possible only through unconditional love and respect for each other. One of the best ways is to follow the example of Jesus, and to love your spouse exactly as Jesus loved the Church.

Contrary to the popular belief, unconditional love does not imply that you should accept physical and emotional abuses in silence. If you are in an abusive relationship, but still wish to remain in the marriage, it is best to seek professional help to strengthen the relationship.

You can still love your partner but it does not imply that you should put your life at risk.

Last but not the least; Work constantly towards a healthy and loving relationship to keep the spark intact. Mistakes and faults happen and will no doubt continue to happen in any marriage or relationship and the Christian marriage advice which tops the list of all tips and suggestions is to accept these mistakes as part of the process.

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