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Understanding Does Marriage Counseling Work?

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If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship you may be wondering does marriage counseling work and whether it is worth trying. If you don’t know where to turn next, why not seek help from a trained professional?

While some people will argue that if your problems are so bad the marriage is not worth saving, it is surely always worthwhile trying out all possible avenues. It is important first of all to think about the type of problems you are experiencing and assess whether the relationship is worth fighting for. It is all too easy to forget that there was a time when you were very happy and in love, so what has changed?

The root of many problems, not just in marriages but in all walks of life, is a breakdown in communication. A lack of communication or a series of arguments means seeking outside help is the best solution. If you agree that on the whole, the good times outweigh the bad times then the marriage is worth saving and counseling is definitely worth a shot.

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So does marriage counseling work? Well it can only work if you both at least try to make it work and are open and honest when discussing your troubles with the counselor. The important thing is that a trained professional will be able to guide you, help you understand the problems and find solutions.

It isn’t easy to talk about personal matters with a stranger but remember good qualified counselors are given extensive training. In many countries such as the United States, people must have a university degree prior to becoming a counselor, and will be required to take a further exam before starting their practice.

So how does marriage counseling work? The counselor will talk to you and your partner through joint and separate interviews providing you with the opportunity to open up. In the process they will hopefully teach you both to communicate with one another and calmly resolve your disputes.

Are your marriage difficulties caused by external factors such as a family illness or problems at work, which put an added strain on you and/or your partner? A counselor can help you and your partner to talk about this. It will help you to realise that the issue causing the strain on your relationship is temporary and can be worked through.

Other problems are more serious such as a case of infidelity or perhaps one of you wants kids and the other doesn’t. Justifiably you might ask does marriage counseling work in such difficult cases?

Of course these circumstances are more traumatic for you both and will be harder to overcome. However, if both parties want to make it work, it can without any doubt help you battle through the hard times. It may mean having around 20 sessions as opposed to the average of 12, but naturally each case is different.

Does marriage counseling work for everyone? No but a survey conducted by the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy showed that more than half those who went to marriage counseling saw an improvement in their relationship as a result. As many as 98 percent of clients said they received great services from their counsellor.

A marriage counselor is not a magician, but he or she is trained to help couples through their problems. The bottom line is that a marriage can only be saved during difficult times by you and your partner, but seeking help from a marriage counselor can make this a lot easier.

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