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Ways on How to Romance Your Husband

what husbands can't resist 
Media and marketing would have you believe that men don’t need to be romanced; all they need is a cold one in the fridge and a woman to give them a wink and a smile.

However, in a marriage, learning how to romance your husband will often result in a much stronger and much more intimate relationship. Romance might be a little bit different for men, but the basics behind the gestures are essentially the same as for women.

Understanding How He Thinks

When you give it a bit of thought, what do you think that your husband thinks about when he is considering romance? Does he tend to focus on you and meeting your needs for a romantic gesture or evening? Odds are good that your husband does tend to put your needs before his. What this means to you is that you are going to need to be a little bit creative when approaching how to romance your husband.

While each of us think differently, as a general rule of thumb men often feel it is their responsibility to be the strong providers and to be your source of strength overall. It is very important that you allow your husband to feel appreciated for the constant support and source of strength that he is for your family as a whole.

We all want to feel appreciated for those little thankless things that we do each and every day. Make your husband feel that his efforts are appreciated, even if he is doing something as mundane as cleaning out the gutters on your house.

This doesn’t mean to stroke an ego that isn’t justified; it means showing a true and honest appreciation for what he does for your family. How can you demonstrate your love and affection while learning how to romance your husband?

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Communication Goes Both Ways

Communication is not something he alone needs to learn, it is something that both of you need to work on in order to learn how to work together – as a team.

  • Be willing to admit when you are wrong during an argument. This might go against what your stubborn self is telling you; however, it won’t serve your relationship at all to have that type of tension between you.
  • Truly listen to him when he is talking, not just hear the words he is saying but try to listen to the emotions that he is trying to convey.
  • Try to understand his point of view; this can often mean breaking away from how you are feeling, for just a moment, in order to see why he might be reacting in the way that he is.
  • Have heart-to-heart chats that aren’t always about the serious things in your relationship. By only discussing the bills, the household duties, and your rough day at you, you may make him dread conversations. Be willing to have good old heart-to-heart conversations that involve favorite movies or current events!
  • As a general rule, the guys don’t enjoy playing emotional and word games just to get to a point. If you are looking to add more romance, more affection, or are struggling with an issue in your relationship, it is best just to be open and honest about the situation.

You will find that your attempts at learning how to romance your husband will be a lot more successful if you present the facts, don’t play games with his feelings, or try to hide your own feelings and concerns.

The Way To A Man’s Heart

Commercialization of romance and romantic gestures tends to make it significantly easier for men to apply romantic tips to their relationships. However, the following are just a few things that will help to inspire the romantic in your husband.

1) A romantic get-away, where he has you all to himself, is a great way of keeping the romance alive within your relationship. Your husband might understand that he is no longer first and foremost in your lives together as other responsibilities have entered into the picture. However, that one-on-one time will help to rekindle the flames of romance for both of you.

2) A romantic candlelight dinner is not just something that the ladies enjoy. Pack the kids off for a night with grandma and surprise your husband with his favorite meal and a candlelit dinner. Use your evening alone to reminisce about when you were first falling in love. This will remind both of you of just how romantic your love story has been.

3) If you are going to purchase him a romantic gift, consider something that he will truly love! A new e-reader for the avid reader, a new fishing reel for the angler, a guy’s weekend away fishing perhaps? When you purchase a gift for your husband, it is important that he feel as though you truly understand what is important to him as you strive to meet his needs. You may find that the best gift you can give to him is simply yourself, your time, and your undivided attentions.

Romance is not always found in the grand sweeping gestures that bodice-ripper novels and chick flicks will have us all believe. Romance is most often found in the small, everyday gestures, thoughts, and actions that we offer to our spouses.

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