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Tips for How to Survive an Affair  



affair repair - click herePerhaps one of the most crippling realities of a romantic relationship is the possibility that your significant other may have been unfaithful and cheated on you. To have someone you love betray you by becoming physically involved with someone else is the ultimate deal breaker.   


You might at this point be lost as to How To Survive An Affair and wondering to yourself how a relationship can be salvaged after my loved one cheats on me?


For some, salvaging a relationship post affair is impossible, but for others it may be feasible. Discussed below are a few ideas that addresses your concern of how to survive an affair and ensure that your relationship survives and even perhaps thrives, after an affair. 


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One of the first steps to take in how to survive an affair is to be able to somehow find a way to forgive your spouse. 


Pain can last a lifetime, but it does start to dull at least in the long run. Hence, yes it hurts that your significant other has cheated on you, but that pain will not be as sharp and present with time. 


That being said, the wound will start to heal by truly forgiving the other person and acknowledging that it was a mistake, and that if the person is truly contrite, it will never happen again.  


Re-Establishing Trust 


Strangely enough, forgiving a person for cheating on you is not nearly as hard as re-establishing trust with that individual post affair. If an unknown number shows up on their phone, you immediately become suspicious. 


If your spouse is late coming home from work, you imagine that they are off romancing a stranger.  Don’t fault yourself.  You have every right to be weary of any “unusual” behavior or occurences, because establishing trust after such a deep hurt will take time, sacrifice, and patience. 


And until your partner regains your trust they will have to deal with the consequences of you being on edge when it comes to their behavior. 


Allow Yourself to Be Hurt 


Unfortunately, this is another thing you will have to get into grips with in how to survive an affair. Above all else, do not attempt to bury the hurt once you’ve made the decision to accept your partner back into your life, post affair.


Air your concerns, doubts, and most importantly, how you really feel about your spouses actions. You have a right to be hurt, and your partner owes it to you to listen to your feelings. Even if it takes you months, years, decades, to get over the hurt, feeling it is preferable to pretending that it doesn’t exist. 


No Self-Blaming 


A trap that many people fall into in enduring the process how to survive an affair is blaming themselves for their loved one’s infidelity. It doesn’t matter how secure you are, once your significant other cheats on you it makes you doubt who and what you are.


You may start to think you weren’t attractive enough, smart enough, ambitious enough, etc. If so, stop that train of negative thought right now, because when someone cheats it’s about their own shortcomings, not yours.  


Letting Go and Moving On 


After the hurt, after learning how to forgive them, after all of it, you have to let go and move on.This means you’re not allowed to doubt their faithfulness or throw their infidelity in their face every time you have an argument.


If you’ve truly decided to forgive the person and move on, then leave the past behind you and focus on your future together. It’s easier said than done, but ultimately letting go and moving on is the only chance you’ll have in how to survive an affair. 

So good luck and remember: it will be a hard road to travel, but the destination may be worth the effort.


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