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How to Tell if Your Husband is Cheating - Click Here Now!How to Tell if Your Husband is Cheating

For women, it’s a constant fear that you have from the earliest moments in your marriage and it’s nagging at you night and day and now you merely want to know how to tell if your husband is cheating. We see it in the news and in movies constantly; the cheating husband and the wife who claims she didn’t have a clue what was going on. She is usually stunned and ashamed and seems to be trying to figure it all out.

It’s important to know how to tell if your husband is cheating when you start to feel something gnawing at you so you’re not caught by complete surprise.

It’s one of the worst and most sickening feelings for a married woman to even consider that her husband is being unfaithful. The first thing to do is to accept that it’s possible. Men are men, regardless of where you live or what kind of faith you have. Men have primal urges and often weak will. If you don’t accept the possibility, then you won’t be receptive to the signs he’ll lay out behind him that could be clues in how to tell if your husband is cheating.

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The first thing to notice is any changes in his routine. Does he come home later now? If this pattern is not all that unusual because of work, then does he not call like he used to to let you know? Are ‘emergencies’ at work coming up more often? Things that never happened before? Does he avoid going to bed with you and rather waits for you to head off to sleep first?

Is he dressing up more? Are his clothes showing signs of a shift in his wardrobe? Is he shaving or shaving differently, arranging his hair a bit more unique? Basically, is he changing his physical appearance? If your husband is being unfaithful, oftentimes he will alter his appearance, or at least be more cognizant of it as he tries to impress his mistress. Married men tend to fall into a routine, just as women do, with their appearance. When there is a change in this behavior, it’s time to pay closer attention.

Another thing to consider when you want to know how to tell if your husband is cheating is quality time in the bedroom. Has his interest in sex waned? Do you find your advances being shunned because he claims to be too tired or that there’s a big, important meeting in the morning that he just can’t be late for? This lack of interest doesn’t immediately condemn a man to the ranks of infidelity, but when coupled with other factors, can be important, especially if your husband has usually been an enthusiastic partner in the bedroom.

You may wish to go through his computer and cell phone when he’s in the shower. Do you notice phone numbers without names or worse, women’s names whom you don’t know? Is the call log full of these stranger’s name or number? Perhaps for some reason his computer is password protected now, when it didn't used to be in the past.

If you feel that you’re right and he’s cheating on you, your best approach would be to gather evidence of his infidelity first. If you confront him without any real proof, other than your suspicions, it could be a difficult and costly mistake, especially if you’re wrong. Understanding how to tell if your husband is cheating is merely the first step in what could turn out to be a long and painful road.

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