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How to Win Your Husband Back

win back loveIf you want to know how to win your husband back, you must first ask yourself a few questions. The main question above all others is why? Is it because you need to feel the security of having him around or is it because you still love him madly and deeply?

Knowing how to win your husband back isn’t necessarily going to make a difference if you can’t honestly say that you still love him. Security is not a reason.

Assuming you truly do still love him, then you next need to evaluate why you feel you can win him back. Or more accurately, why he’s drifted away from you in the first place. Is it something you said? Something you did or didn’t do? (It’s not going to be one moment but rather a series of moments.)

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Are you career driven and have been spending more time away from home and ignoring his needs? Yes, we all have needs, both emotional and physical, and when those needs are neglected or forgotten, the other person can tend to drift away merely because they don’t want to be hurt anymore.

Knowing how to win your husband back begins at your own front steps. One thing to keep in mind about this situation is that this will not be an overnight fix. It will also usually take communication and acts of love to rebuild what has been damaged.

Too many women think that by being more adventurous or attentive in the bedroom, or in other areas of their husband’s life, that this will be the reason he comes back, but this just isn’t the case. Things may appear to improve in the short-term in some cases, but the underlying issues are usually not addressed, therefore leading you both back to where you were at the beginning of this trouble.

Men are not rock solid walls. They can be almost as fragile as women. They have needs and desires, hopes and dreams. They may carry themselves on the outside as ‘tough as nail’ individuals, but when they get cut, they bleed, and when they’re hurt emotionally, they withdraw, just as you would probably do. This is called self-preservation and the fact that he has drifted away from you means that at some point he was hurt.

Don’t think that there was one episode, or one instance that you could trace back to understand what went wrong because if that were the case, then you would be able to address that one issue, that one solitary transgression and work through it.
Cheating once isn’t a solitary transgression, either, regardless of who did the cheating; it’s a culmination of some void building and building until the thoughts and the doubts about the marriage begin to sink in and set in.

A troubled marriage is a result of a long trail of problems. Usually they’re very minor in the beginning but over time, without proper communication, those problems grow into imposing obstacles.

To learn and understand how to win your husband back, you have to bring your thoughts back to the beginning of your relationship, where it traveled along its path, and where it is now. Discover the little things that changed in your behavior and when you first noticed his behavior change, when he started drawing away from you. Somewhere before that moment is where the initial seeds were sown.

Communicate. There’s no substitute for communication in a marriage. If you don’t talk to him, if you don’t tell him what you’re feeling, that you care, that you want him back, how will he know? It’s a long road, but these are the first steps (and key steps at that) in how to win your husband back.

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