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How to Begin Improving Communication in Marriage

save my marriage today - click hereHave you often wondered as your spouse sits there watching TV if there are ways of improving communication in the marriage? After a few months or years of being married you may have found that you talk to each other less often and perhaps feel you are taking each other for granted.

Improving communication in marriage is vitally important to stop the relationship between you and your spouse going stale. This can potentially lead to one or both of you looking elsewhere for excitement or even just attention.

Communication is an important ingredient for success in pretty much all walks of life, whether it a marriage, in business or playing team sports. Marriage is very much the formation of a team, with husband and wife working together to build a happy home and a bright future for any kids that might come along.

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As a team you both have to be willing to compromise and act democratically. There shouldn’t be a dominant partner making all the decisions, which means discussing issues with each other and agreeing on steps forward. So improving communication in marriage means taking in to consideration the feelings and thoughts of your spouse.

So what can you do to improve communication between you and your spouse? Presumably neither of you is a mind reader so it is important to ask questions without seeming to be suspicious or nagging. Simple things like “how was our day?” can easily be forgotten after a few years together. However, simple things like this show you care.

There may be times you have noticed your partner has looked agitated or worried, but perhaps didn’t want to pry as you think they will tell you in their own time. It is still important to ask if anything is troubling them, again to show you care.

If they say they cannot tell you, don’t be upset because they may just not be sure what the problem is either. Assure them you are here for them when they have thought about their problem and want to talk.

Improving communication in marriage is not all about talking. One of the most important skills in communication is the ability to listen. Taking time to really listen to what they say means you can prepare constructive questions for them after they have finished speaking. You can also reply with your understanding of what they said as it shows you have been listening.

Sharing an interest with your spouse is always a great way to improving communication in marriage. Some people argue that television has killed the art of conversation, but that can be turned around as you discuss an item on the evening news or the merits of the Hawaii Five-0 remake. Watching a good thriller movie together or sharing a funny story in the newspaper are good ways to create a discussion.

Laughing is the best medicine and it is also a great asset in happy successful marriage. Let’s face it life can be pretty stressful especially during economically challenging times. Being stuck in the house together may facilitate a feeling of staleness in the relationship, so get out and do fun things together. Go to a bar with friends, visit a comedy club or take in a funny movie to take a break from the everyday stresses.

Marriage isn’t always easy, but it can be made a whole lot easier through communication. Don’t take each other for granted and enjoy each other’s company.

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