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Some Helpful Solutions to Stop Divorce

save my marriage todayDivorce has become epidemic in this country, 50% of marriages will end in divorce and the numbers are climbing. That does not mean you should give up on your marriage when you see it headed in that direction. You can stop and reverse the track your marriage is on, and below are three possible solutions to stop divorce before you get to the court house.


This is probably the number one stressor in marriages today and the current economic trends have not helped. Couples often fight over money on a consistent basis and these disagreements begin to eat away at the foundation of the marriage. Which is sad really because money itself is not an indicator of a person's worth or even how well suited you are for each other. Here are a few ways to stem the economic impact on your marriage:

  * Second Job- Can you take a second job for the short term to alleviate some of the strain? This can be tough to manage but you have to ask yourself if your marriage and family are worth the effort.

  * Scale Back- Where can you scale back the budget? Do you purchase name brand items, the finest cuts of meat and other luxury items you could do without? Sometimes the best answer to financial problems is to decrease spending rather than increase earnings.

  * Sell, Sell, Sell! - If you are in serious trouble it may be time to sell some things. Boats, motorcycles, guns, large televisions and other non-essentials should be on the chopping block. Sell what you do not need and get the bills under control again before purchasing any more toys! IMPORTANT- Do not only choose your spouse's personal items for sale! Make it fair and equitable if you sell something of his/hers then sell something of equal value of your own.


Many a disagreement has begun because you do not understand what your spouse is trying to say or your filter changes the meaning of what they are saying. This one is tougher to deal with but not impossible, and when you need solutions to stop divorce isn't every effort worth a try?

  * Stay Calm- You may have to exercise extreme self control during a discussion but it is imperative that you remain calm. Conversations turn to full blown fights in an instant when tempers flare. Instead of becoming extremely angry, you may have to excuse yourself from the conversation and come back when you are in control. NOTE- if your spouse does this, do yourself a big favor and let them cool, do not pursue them down the driveway with an argument on your tongue.

  * Repeat- The best tool you have in your arsenal, as a solution to stop divorce in its tracks is to repeat everything, before responding. It should go something like this, "I heard you say, (fill in the blank)" This way you are both on the same page in the conversation.

Eliminate the Idea of Divorce

At some point, preferably in the beginning, you have to set your feet and delete the word divorce from your vocabulary. The minute you speak the word the action becomes a possibility, and repairing your relationship just became optional. You may become very frustrated with this step, particularly if your spouse has already broached the subject, but for solutions to stop divorce this is probably the most important step you can take. Do not let failure be an option and you will find ways to work through all of your issues, it comes down to determination.


No one ever promised that marriage would be easy, in fact, it is work. Many people see marriage as the end result of pursuing a love interest when it is truly the beginning of building a life with someone. Chances are better than average that this someone is a lot different from you and there will be real struggle, but a happy marriage is worth is so please consider these solutions to stop divorce before you call a lawyer.

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