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What are the Best Ways to Stop Divorce? 

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Nothing is more devastating to a family than divorce and many people are searching for the best ways to stop divorce before it is too late. When you invest time, energy and emotion in a relationship it is sad to watch it begin to fall apart, the good news is there are a few things you can do to stop a divorce in its tracks.

Talking Requires Listening

Many times, you will find yourself at loggerheads with your spouse over seemingly meaningless things, such as who should do the dishes, walk the dog or mow the lawn. Before you know it a simple conversation has escalated to all out, war and you honestly do not know how it happened.

It could be that one of you was not listening. Often times couples will think they are talking things out when they are really only trying to prove their own point. You have to listen and be willing to be wrong. The next time your spouse is truly upset about something ask gently why it is so important. You must be sincere in the asking which means you must listen to the answers and be ready to see things from their point of view. This is one of the number one best ways to stop divorce.

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Let Your Anger Cool

What do you do when your spouse ticks you off? Are you ready and waiting with a scathing come back? It may be time to go away and let your anger cool before continuing the conversation. Words are worse than blows many times, (blows are never acceptable!), because though a bruise will heal, things spoken in the heat of the moment can cut deep and never truly heal. Be mindful of your words at all times and when you feel a cutting remark coming on you need to recognize that this is a good place for a self imposed time out.

Name Calling

When you are looking for ways to stop divorce, the first thing you should look at is how you fight. Do spiteful curse words leave your lips? Cussing each other out or saying demeaning things is completely out of the question. You can say you make me feel, (fill in the blank), but you should never say, "you are an expletive". You are not truly trying to fix anything through battles such as this; your goal is to maim the other person emotionally.


There are many areas of your life that could benefit from list making, budgets, chores, schedules and much more but did you know a list could save your marriage? Take the time to write down everything about your spouse that you fell in love with, be precise and be specific. Next, list all the great things about your spouse now. Finally list all the bad qualities or things that irritate you and compare the three lists, if the first two far outweigh the last you will find a resolve inside to make the marriage work and stop any talk of divorce.


Some issues in life take sheer grit and determination to deal with and marriage can be one of them. At some point in this process, you have to decide you are going to fight for your marriage and not with your spouse. Does this mean you should become a door mat? Heavens no! It does mean however that you are going to have to dig in your heals and work to keep it together.

Look back to the things you did with and for your spouse when you were dating. Did you hold the door for her? Did you cook his favorite meal? Go back to what worked, prove to them you still love and cherish them. When you do this, you will find the peace you need to and many more ways to stop divorce.

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