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Will My Wife Come Back? - 3 Tips for Restoring Your Marriage

win back loveThis is a very common question asked by men who have either been left by their wives or who feel their marriage drifting apart and are desperate to restore their marriage, but don't know how to show what is inside their hearts.

All too often, men will go from asking "will my wife come back?" to acting out of emotion and pushing their wives even further away. For instance, you may end up crying and begging in a very unflattering way. What actually happens though is that rather than evoking the sympathy of your wife you will end up pushing them even further away.

Fortunately, the following tips are designed to help you go from "will my wife come back?" to a happy-ever-after ending with your wife. Of course, nothing is guaranteed to work for every relationship, but the following tips should at least help to improve the relationship between you both.

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#1: Active Listening

As you might already be well aware, poor communication is at the heart of nearly all serious marital problems. So, when a woman feels as if you don't listen when she talks or that you don't value her opinions, she will feel rejected and seriously emotionally wounded. Should this continue over time she will also start to distance herself because she feels unappreciated.

Therefore you should start today to actively listen to your wife. This means you don't attempt to listen while thinking of something else or trying to come up with what you will say in response. Just do your utmost to block out all other thoughts which may come to mind and really genuinely listen to her.

This may also mean turning off the TV and all other distractions and really look at her and only her. Then, once she's done talking provide an honest response that shows you listened without being defensive or distracted. When she needs someone to talk to, that someone should always be you.

#2: The Little Things

You may have fallen into the trap that many men do at some point and go overboard when it comes to gestures that show you care. For instance trying to make up songs about her, writing long, elaborate poetry, or do other things that just don't really fit with your normal personality. These things will not come across as sincere to a woman and will only cause her to distance herself further.

Instead, start paying attention to little opportunities to show her you really care. For instance, if you know she is having a hard day at work make her dinner and have it ready when she gets home. If you are no longer living together have it ready and waiting on her doorstep when she comes home or offer to take her out for a relaxing lunch break.

Picking up the next book in her favorite series (if she has one) and bring it to her is another example of a small thing that goes a long way to show you care.

#3: Take Notice

Women want to be showered with your attention and love. Make sure you take notice if she gets a haircut or does other things to change her appearance. Comment on her clothing when she looks particularly nice, and allow her to do things to pamper herself such as giving her gift certificates to get her nails done or to get a massage once a month.

If there are small everyday things she does for you, make a point to tell her that you notice those things and really appreciate it.

So, the answer to the question "will my wife come back?" is really not that complicated. If you take note of the above tips you will have a much higher chance of hopefully getting your wife back.

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