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Tips for Winning Your Wife Back

ex back system - click hereYou've lost her and you know it, you feel it in every word she coldly speaks to you and the formal way she interacts. However, there is always hope, although, winning your wife back won't be easy, but if you're determined, you can do it.

Winning your wife back involves more than just bringing her flowers or a beautiful card, although that's part of it. It involves being honest. Honesty starts with being honest with yourself first. Deep down you know what you did to lose her, even though you might not allow yourself to admit it. Think about the past, ponder on all the small changes that led up to this point. Somewhere, you'll spot the start of the sequence of events that led to this chasm between the two of you.

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Don't turn this exercise into a "woe is me." It's to help you find the errors you made so they don't happen again. You can't change the past. It's gone, but hopefully you can start fresh and not repeat the same mistakes.

Honesty to yourself also means you won't make promises to either your wife or yourself unless you intend to keep them. Many separations begin with a chain of broken promises. The broken promise might be as big as the promise of fidelity or a smaller broken promise such as being home for dinner, taking out the trash or attending a child's ball game. A broken promise is a dishonest act.

Next, you need to be honest with her if winning your wife back is important to you. Start by telling her you know there's a problem. If she's already let you know or the two of you separated, this step isn't necessary, you both are quite aware of it. Let her know you've searched through your memory and realize the big and little things that led to the separateness and while you can't change any of the past, you are aware of the problems you created.

At this point, you also need to ask her to help. The help necessary is her honesty. Let her know it's okay to tell you when you've hurt her feelings or made her angry. If she doesn't, it bottles up inside and that isn't healthy for your relationship or her physical health.

Winning your wife back sometimes requires that you start all over again by dating. Ask her out, just as you did in the beginning of your relationship. Schedule a date night. For that few hours, she's no longer your wife, but your date. That may sound silly but think about it. You treated her differently before you were married. Yes, she acted differently, too. That's because familiarity and miles of other obligations and missteps got in the way.

You don't have to go to restaurants or movies. Take up a new hobby together to celebrate being a new couple. Make it something fun, daring and out of the ordinary for both of you. Does she love dancing but you're not comfortable dancing. Get daring and adventurous and move beyond your comfort zone. Winning your wife back is too important to let a little awkwardness come between you. Make your date night dancing lessons so you both feel comfortable on the dance floor. Set a goal to dance with her at a special occasion. Working together toward a goal, particularly one she likes helps the two of you unite.

Maybe dancing isn't something she loves. There are other options for things to learn together. Treasure hunting with a metal detector, skate boarding, hang gliding, classes at a local college, cooking classes or photography are just a few other options. You need something new to share.

Winning your wife back can be more than just returning to the marriage you first had, it can mean creating a more dynamic relationship than you ever had in your marriage. It all takes hard work and consideration of her feelings but it can be a great adventure and probably one of the most important in your life.

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